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The Great Lakes Caring Volunteer Experience

"I enjoy working in the office with the nurses, social workers and chaplains because they are very dedicated, caring individuals.  Their concern and care for their patients is obvious from the way they describe their contact with them.  Should I ever need a hospice in the future it will be Great Lakes Caring!"

-Kathi M., Office Volunteer with Interdisciplinary Group

"Being a Great Lakes Caring Hospice volunteer has been awesome.  I have only been here a little over a year but have learned so much about just how fragile life really is and the importance of visiting with the patients.  I have also been so impressed and have learned so much from our volunteer coordinator; she really cares about her volunteers and shows it.  I have never seen such an organized and caring person.  It has been wonderful getting to know someone who really cares about the patients and the company we represent!"

-Kimberie G., Companion Volunteer

"I have been blessed in so many ways; it is good to give back as a companion volunteer.  The Great Lakes Caring Hospice staff is so supportive and encouraging of us. My companion buddy recently passed away, but I think I enjoyed our visits as much as he did."

-Ruth B., Companion Volunteer

"As a volunteer, I feel welcomed, energized with the support and care that is given to us, and fortunate to have the opportunity to spend precious moments with the patients we care for in hospice. My experience has been one of feeling honored and blessed to walk with patients through the end-moments of one's life into the timelessness of the next life. Regardless of one's belief, the dying process can be a bit frightening for the patient and  family but we have the chance to lower the anxiety and help the patient journey with calmness and grace. I am honored as a volunteer to experience and share in this sacred, peace-filled and satisfying journey."

-Bob F., Companion Volunteer

"Being a Great Lakes Caring Volunteer is memorable. I enjoy helping people and knowing that I brighten their day up by visiting. I'm glad I can be such a help."

-Elizabeth N., Companion Volunteer

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