Technology and Equipment

Technology and Equipment

Next-Generation Care

As a visionary leader of home care, Great Lakes Caring embraces new technology. We know it plays an essential role in providing superior quality health care to our patients. We also educate our health care professionals on and supply them with the best health care equipment available to assure they are able to deliver such an unparalleled level of care.

Staff Equipment

Staff Equipment at Great Lakes CaringWe equip our clinical care team with mobile devices to instantly access patients’ electronic medical records and update their plans of care. We also provide mobile PT/INR machines to our nurses, allowing them to obtain accurate readings of patients’ blood without having to wait for lab results. Not to mention the one-of-a-kind company NURSECAR℠ we provide to many of our direct care team members who travel to visit our patients in their homes and facilities every day.

Treatment Devices

At Great Lakes Caring, we use a number of devices to specifically treat the many different conditions that affect our patients. For those struggling with the effects of neuropathy, we utilize the Anodyne® infrared therapy system, while our versatile Solaris® therapy system is the perfect modality for those patients who have pain in different areas. We also offer the region’s first portable sequential compression device—known as DVTCare™—which helps prevent blood clots from forming in the legs of our immobile patients outside the hospital, as well as the only FDA-accepted electrical stimulation treatment for patients who have trouble swallowing called VitalStim®. It is devices like these, and others, which help keep Great Lakes Caring ahead of the competition in providing superior quality home care.


Every Great Lakes Caring employee who cares for a patient – wherever they call home – uses a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Company-wide, over 800 trained health care professionals utilize the most advanced tablet technology available, enabling them to document patient care wherever they may be, at any time of day.  The use of tablets allows our clinicians to provide the most exceptional, superior quality care, increasing productivity and improving communication among staff.

Great Lakes Caring clinicians say:

“I appreciate being able to access care coordination notes, interdisciplinary group notes, narratives, etc., as needed. It saves a lot of time to have it all there on my tablet.” – Mary P. (Nurse)

“Our tablets are fantastic because everything is in real time. It makes it easier to communicate with our team and stay on track with our schedule. An added bonus for music therapy is that we can look up new songs and guitar chords immediately for our patients as they are requested, or listen and watch the original songs.” – Pam B. (Music Therapist)

“I enjoy the fast communication between disciplines. I can ask a nurse a question via e-mail and have a response or solution for my concern at hand before I leave the patient’s residence. Patients and families are amazed and grateful for the prompt turn around to their needs.” – Jan D. (Certified Nursing Assistant)


Our electronic medical records and documentation software, HomeCare HomeBase, is the most innovative, next-generation software available for the home care industry. Because our software works in real time, data is automatically uploaded to and downloaded from our clinicians’ Samsung Galaxy Tablets as soon as it is input into the medical chart database software. This means everyone who is responsible for care (office support, nursing staff, clinical supervisors and employees providing direct patient care) has access to a patient’s medical record, always current and up-to-date. We can see in our office the documentation of a visit in the home as soon as it has been completed by the care provider.

Physician Portal

HomeCare HomeBase also allows any physician who has referred a patient to Great Lakes Caring to login to its system from his or her office, home, or anywhere they have internet access to look at his/her patient’s data, anytime. It is simple to use; accessible by just typing in a username and password. And, because it is real-time software, they will see the most current data available.

Additionally, by the end of the year, HomeCare HomeBase will have facility and family portals available, where those individuals will be able to access medical information using the real-time software, too.

Read about one of our real-world examples of how our technology keeps everyone updated on our patients condition.

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