Educational Support

Educational Support

State-of-the-Heart Careers

As an industry leader, Great Lakes Caring is continually adding next-generation care services and new technologies to better care for our patients. To keep our health care teams ahead of the curve and on the leading edge, we offer access to free training, educational seminars and classes. This helps you become well-versed in the new technologies and care services pertinent to your specific profession, while allowing you to advance your careers to the level you wish to achieve.

Recognized for Advancing Knowledge

Great Lakes Caring has been recognized as the #1 Top User of RCTCLEARN.NET—an innovative training and on-going education solution for the home health care and hospice industry—in 2009 by the Michigan Home Health Association.

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A Career That Cares About You

There are a wide range of benefits to joining the Great Lakes Caring family, some of which may include: