A Caring Correspondence from the CEO

William DearyDear Health Care Professionals,
Choosing a career in home care is one of the most rewarding decisions a health care professional can make. In 1994, registered nurse Cheri Lyn Deary and I made that decision when we founded Great Lakes Caring. We believed individuals should be able to enjoy the comfort of staying in their residence without comprising their health or safety. Since then, Great Lakes Caring has been committed to providing superior quality health care in the home and to those dedicated professionals who make it possible.

This commitment is the foundation of our State-of-the-Heart Careers at Great Lakes Caring. We want our health care professionals to have all the tools, knowledge and opportunities they can command for their dedication to this in-demand health care field. For that reason, we continue to introduce next-generation home health and hospice care programs, advanced technologies, excellent employee benefits and better educational resources. We also want you to feel like you’re part of a special family, which is why we have an on-going commitment to sustaining an exceptional quality of work life for every employee.

From our electronic mobile devices to our one-of-kind NURSECARs℠, the Great Lakes Caring team has the equipment and technology they need to make care plans more effective, the tools that make communication more accurate, and the opportunities that make health care careers more fulfilling.

Today, Great Lakes Caring is widely recognized as a leader in providing superior quality health care to our patients, wherever they call home. We have received multiple awards for excellence in home health care, as well as hospice—one of the fastest growing segments of health care. We share that success with every one of our highly recognized clinicians, administrators, care providers, support staff and executives.

Looking over our many accomplishments and the choice we made almost twenty years ago, what stands out most about Great Lakes Caring is not an award or milestone; it is the genuine appreciation we receive from thousands of patients and their families every day: thank-you notes, messages and smiles all saying what a difference our employees have made in their lives by doing one thing—caring.

No one should have to choose between their health and their home. Your choice to pursue a career in home health care or hospice care means they will never have to. Thank you for that decision and your interest in joining our family.

Best regards and God bless,

William Deary

William Deary
Chief Executive Officer
Great Lakes Caring

A Career That Cares About You

There are a wide range of benefits to joining the Great Lakes Caring family, some of which may include: