Great Lakes Caring - Always on call

Great Lakes Caring - Always on call


4 PM It’s Friday afternoon and Bingham Farms Registered Nurse Sara stops in to see her homebound patient, Dorothy, who is ashen-looking, still in her night clothes, lying in her bed. Dorothy appears distressed and distant. Sara begins her nursing duties, paying close attention to Dorothy’s behaviors. She performs all of her tasks and speaks with Dorothy about her visit.

5:05 PM Throughout Sara’s visit, she enters information into her tablet to update Dorothy’s electronic medical record. She makes notes about Dorothy’s emotional state, records all her work related to the provision of patient care and the conversations between the two of them. She synchronizes her tablet to Great Lakes Caring’s medical chart database software and goes home.

6:15 PM Dorothy’s daughter, Ashley, stops by to check up and visit with her mother and notices how depressed she’s become.  Worried, she calls the 24-hour Great Lakes Caring phone line and Nurse Jill (who is located in our office, as a part of our 24-hour in-office clinical team) answers right away.  Using Great Lakes Caring’s real-time software, Nurse Jill looks up Dorothy’s medical record and reads Sara’s nursing notes while on the phone with Dorothy’s daughter. She sees that Nurse Sara made a visit earlier in the afternoon and reads Nurse Sara’s nursing notes in Dorothy’s medical record. Nurse Jill asked the daughter about a name she saw in the nurse’s notes, questioning, “Who is Emily?” The daughter told Nurse Jill that Emily was her mother’s best friend for over 50 years. Nurse Jill explained to Dorothy’s daughter that Nurse Sara found her mother still in bed, having not eaten (Dorothy is a brittle diabetic) or having taken any meds all day, which Nurse Sara found out was due to the death of Dorothy’s friend, Emily, the prior evening. Nurse Jill explained what Nurse Sara did during the visit. Nurse Jill told Ashley that Nurse Sara also created an alert in Dorothy’s file that asks Nurse Jill to call Dorothy at 8 p.m. to check on her and make sure she eats the sandwich that Nurse Sara prepared and placed in her refrigerator before she left.

6:20 PM Now that she has this information, Ashley is able to comfort her mother and understands why she is grieving. Without the detailed notes from Nurse Sara and help of Nurse Jill, Ashley would not have known about the passing of her mother’s friend or the care provided by the nurse. She is relieved and thankful that the Great Lakes Caring staff was able to assist her.

Our real-time software and 24/7 office staff are unique to Great Lakes Caring. In this example, the nurse explains to the patient’s daughter the care that was provided to her mother only 70 minutes prior to the daughter’s call to Great Lakes Caring.

The names in this story are fictional, but this really did happen to a patient, which is why it is so important to capture in real time what is going on with a patient physically and in this case, emotionally.  With HomeCare HomeBase, it doesn’t matter if the day nurse is assigned to the same patient as an after-hours aide; they are able to track the latest updates as long as the information is keyed in during the time of the visit. In Dorothy’s case, waiting until the evening to enter information into her electronic medical record would have been too late.

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