Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Great Lakes Caring Hospice

Great Lakes Caring Hospice volunteers are characterized as compassionate, unselfish individuals who dedicate their time to enhance the lives of others. A volunteer is by nature a generous person because volunteers are accepting of the needs of others.

Our volunteers come from all different walks of life. They are students, homemakers, business people, retirees, educators, medical personnel and office staff. No matter their background, they all share the energy and compassion to give back.

You Can Do It!

Anyone can become a Great Lakes Caring Hospice volunteer! All you need is the will to give and the compassion to care. If you are interested in helping as a hospice volunteer, please fill out and sign our volunteer application.

Volunteer Opportunities

At Great Lakes Caring Hospice, we believe that everyone has something to offer. We have all types of opportunities to meet the interests of our volunteers, including: