Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is health care in the home?

Health care in the home is simply that: health or medical care given to you, wherever you call home. Great Lakes Caring utilizes a dedicated and compassionate staff that is comprised of health care professionals like skilled nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, medical social workers and certified home health aides to provide this care.

Who is eligible to receive health care in their place of residence?

Home health care services are made available to individuals of all ages and all health profiles. However, typical home health patients include: those who still require additional care after being discharged from the hospital/nursing home, or, individuals who have short-term health care needs.

Eligibility to receive home health care benefits under Medicare depends on your meeting the following conditions:

Is home health care covered by insurance?

Yes—most home health care services are covered through one or more of the following insurance providers: Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or workers’ compensation. Contact Great Lakes Caring and we can help determine what services are covered by your insurance plan.

What services are provided by a home health agency?

Health care services available in a residence can vary greatly between home health agencies. However, most Medicare-certified agencies generally include those services that foster recovery, rehabilitation, recuperation and health education. Great Lakes Caring improves the quality of home health care provided to patients across the Midwest by utilizing new technologies and offering innovative services not found at other agencies.

Where is home health care provided?

Home health care can only be provided within the boundaries of a specific home health agency’s service area. Great Lakes Caring has offices across the Midwest, allowing us to raise the standard of home health care by providing award-winning care in the communities we serve.

How is the right home health agency chosen?

Choosing a home health agency to provide health care services is a decision that may be suggested by a hospital or nursing facility, but is ultimately left up to you, your physician and your family. You should research the different home health agencies available to you and compare the services that each agency provides in order to make the best choice possible. Great Lakes Caring offers extensive services and superior quality that many other home health care providers do not.

How is an episode of home health care started?

Most often, an episode of home health care is initiated when you are discharged from a hospital or nursing facility, or are referred by your physician. However, you and your family may request home health care if you feel it would be beneficial. We encourage anyone looking for more information to contact us and schedule an assessment so we can determine the very best plan of care to meet your needs.


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