Joint Replacement Programs

Joint Replacement Programs

Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation

Great Lakes Caring Home Health offers two unique programs specifically designed to meet the rehabilitative needs and challenges of those who undergo total joint replacement surgeries.

By requesting Great Lakes Caring Home Health, you can be assured that a nurse from our Rehabilitation Team will contact you to set up an appointment visit you at your residence the day after being discharged from the hospital. The rehabilitation nurse will then visit you, assess your needs, talk with your physician and coordinate a comprehensive plan of care with the rest of our Rehabilitation Team. This collaboration is essential to your receiving exceptional care during your rehabilitation regimens.

Total Hip Replacement Program

Hip replacement surgery has a delicate and lengthy recovery time, so it is vital that you strictly adhere to the recommendations set forth by the surgeon. Two to four days after a successful hip replacement surgery, you are usually discharged from the hospital. The Total Hip Replacement Program is designed to get your hips functioning normally by:

Total Knee Replacement Program

You are usually discharged from the hospital one to three days after a successful knee replacement surgery. The goals of the Total Knee Replacement Program are to strengthen your knees so that you can function normally, which will be achieved by:

Ortho/Neuro Rehabilitation Services

Post-op complication management:

Specific physical rehabilitation regimens:

Specific speech rehabilitation regimens: