Volunteering to Care

Volunteering to Care

Great Lakes Caring Hospice

Four hours a month—that’s all it takes to constitute a small miracle. At Great Lakes Caring Hospice, volunteers make these miracles possible, as they care for the most precious and special people who are in the final months or weeks of their life. The compassion and care they show for our hospice patients does as much to lift their spirits as any doctor or medicine.

What Hospice Volunteers Do

Legendary novelist and columnist Emma Bombeck once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Our volunteers hold this saying close to their heart as they address the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the terminally ill patient who is often in need of compassionate care and assistance with daily activities.

Anyone can be Great Lakes Caring Hospice volunteer, giving the time necessary to make a difference in a patient’s life and help them live life to the fullest while remaining in their place of residence. Volunteers also support the families of these patients’ who are undergoing a tough time in their life as well. No matter how you choose to volunteer at Great Lakes Caring Hospice, the joy that comes from giving to others is a joy unlike any other.

Volunteering Benefits

Volunteering at Great Lakes Caring Hospice is a priceless experience that has positive results for all parties involved, including:

Harold Bliss Award

Great Lakes Caring Hospice also honors a volunteer (or volunteers) who exhibit exceptional generosity, kindness and compassion for others with the Harold Bliss award.

Past recipients: