Life Stories: Legacy Program

Life Stories: Legacy Program

Great Lakes Caring Hospice

The Life Stories program from Great Lakes Caring Hospice creates a way for you to renew, relive and relate your memories to the family you will be leaving behind. At the request of an individual, our volunteers conduct a series of “life story” interviews and record them to audio devices. These recordings represent a priceless keepsake for you as well as your friends and family, which can be cherished forever.

Life Stories is a way for families to capture a legacy and create a memory for themselves and future generations of their family. As a non-profit organization, Great Lakes Hospice Foundation sponsors the program free-of-charge to patients and their families.

The Life Stories Process

Telling the Story
We encourage you to spend time reminiscing and gathering photos, letters and other keepsakes to help stimulate memories. You can tell your stories first-hand, or choose to be interviewed by family, friends or our own hospice volunteers.

Recording Day(s)
Test interviews/stories are first recorded to check sound levels and story-telling cohesiveness. Great Lakes Caring Hospice volunteers then guide you with extensive groups of questions designed to help you easily discuss parts of your life (childhood, adult life, love stories, etc.). A standard recording session lasts up to 20-30 minutes at a time (depending on your fatigue).

We provide the audio history to patient and your family, and also collaborate with them on creative ideas for further expansion on your newly-recorded Life Stories, such as:

Life Stories has an everlasting impact on patients, family and friends because it creates a priceless personal keepsake for them to enjoy now, and years after their loved one passes on. Without the tireless efforts of our volunteers, the Life Stories program would not be possible. Click here to learn about becoming a Great Lakes Caring Hospice volunteer and how it is a rewarding experience for both you and the patients you will meet.

Life Stories

Life Stories Program