Carelaboration<sup>SM</sup> from Great Lakes Caring Hospice

CarelaborationSM from Great Lakes Caring Hospice

Partnering for Superior Quality Care

Carelaboration is a committed partnership between physicians, hospitals, home health, hospice and palliative care agencies, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient therapy clinics, other health care professionals, volunteers, patients, families and communities that results in a superior level of quality care.

What is involved?

Carelaboration is an initiative developed exclusively by Great Lakes Caring Hospice that creates a seamless collaboration of goals, interventions, outcomes and communication between the health care and hospice care providers. The goal of the initiative is to enhance the quality of life of residents who have a life-limiting illness, as well as identify those patients/residents who are silently transitioning from chronic illness to end-of-life. It also ensures that patients have self-determined, safe and comfortable life closure and families have an effective grieving process. Carelaboration is a dedication to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements not delivered by most hospice providers today.

Clinical Benefits

When Great Lakes Caring Hospice and its partners collaborate:

The Great Lakes Caring Hospice Carelaboration process

Great Lakes Caring health care professionals communicate with the facility staff:

Through the utilization of Carelaboration provided by Great Lakes Caring Hospice, a long-term care facility can exceed the regulatory requirements at annual state MDCH survey, significantly expand the services available to patients, thereby increasing communication among all health care providers involved in the care of the terminally ill patient/resident, raising the level of care provided, reducing unnecessary rehospitalizations and improving the patient’s quality of life.



Great Lakes Caring Hospice provides:

From an interdisciplinary compassionate care staff: