Great Lakes Caring Hospice

Great Lakes Caring Hospice

Caring Through The Life Process

Great Lakes Caring Hospice is the positive choice for comforting care when one is nearing the end of life. As a Medicare-certified and State-licensed hospice company, we provide the highest quality end-of-life care of the terminally ill, wherever they call home. This gives you the opportunity to make your own decisions about how and where you wish to live the remainder of your life, while continuing to receive an exceptional level of compassionate care from our dedicated family of professional staff.

What is Hospice?

Great Lakes Caring HospiceHospice is both a type of and philosophy of care that concentrates on treating you when you are terminally ill—not to stop the progression of your disease, but to lessen the severity of its progression—so that you may live your life with dignity.

You receive compassionate care and assistance with daily activities in the comfort, security and privacy of your residence, along with pain control, symptom management, end-of-life support and medical care services.

Hospice not only addresses your physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs, but those needs of your friends and family as well. Spiritual care, bereavement and grief counseling services are provided to your family during the duration of the terminal illness and for 13 months thereafter.

Many hospice services are perpetuated by a hospice foundation—a not-for-profit entity that works in conjunction with hospice to help meet the special and extraordinary needs of terminally ill patients. Learn about the Great Lakes Hospice Foundation here.

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Paying for Great Lakes Caring Hospice

Medicare Part A covers hospice services provided by Great Lakes Caring Hospice. Learn more about Medicare Part A here.

Visit our payment page to get a better grasp of how hospice care is paid for. Or, contact us with any financial question and we will be happy to provide the answer.



Great Lakes Caring Hospice provides:

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