Great Lakes Caring Home Medical Equipment

Great Lakes Caring Home Medical Equipment

Leading Quality Medical Equipment, Delivered Right to Your Door

Great Lakes Caring Home Medical Equipment is a Medicare-certified company that provides the highest quality respiratory, ambulatory and other post-operative medical equipment from many nationally recognized brands. Home medical equipment, most often prescribed by physicians, is made available for purchase or rent to you, your family and anyone who may require hospital-grade equipment in their place of residence.

Services from Great Lakes Caring Home Medical Equipment help you to continue to live independently in your place of residence. Whether you have short-term recovery needs or life-long support requirements, you can rest assured knowing that, even after our staff leaves your side, our caring never does.

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Ordering Home Medical Equipment

Devices from Great Lakes Caring Home Medical Equipment can be ordered by phone, fax, mail or at one of our offices. Handling the costs associated with home medical equipment is simple and pain-free.

Delivery of our home medical equipment is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide educational instruction on the proper use of devices at time of delivery (if requested). Regular preventative maintenance is performed, at no additional cost, by our factory-trained home medical equipment service technicians. If a device requires repair outside of regular maintenance, we provide loaner equipment for the duration of the repair.

Paying for Home Medical Equipment

Medicare Part B covers home medical equipment provided by Great Lakes Caring Home Medical Equipment. Learn more about Medicare Part B here.

Visit our payment page to get a better grasp of how home medical equipment is paid for. Or, contact us with any financial question and we will be happy to provide the answer.

Home Medical Equipment


From walkers and wheelchairs to complex machines like oxygen concentrators, Great Lakes Caring Home Medical Equipment stocks the best devices to assist you with any need:

Respiratory medical equipment
Devices that are designed to help you with breathing problems

Ambulatory medical equipment
Equipment designated to help you move regularly, with less pain and discomfort

Other medical equipment