The Care That Never Sleeps<sup>SM</sup> Promise

The Care That Never SleepsSM Promise

We Stay Awake All Night, So You Can Sleep Easier.

The Care That Never SleepsSM Promise is an industry-unique affirmation from Great Lakes Caring, to our patients, our referring physicians, and other referral sources that offer peace of mind not found from any other provider of home health care. Nights, weekends and holidays—when something unexpected happens, our clinical care team is always in our office with immediate access to your medical records waiting to help.

What Is the Care That Never SleepsSM Promise?

Offered exclusively from Great Lakes Caring, the Care That Never SleepsSM Promise assures you that you will never have to deal with a medical emergency alone. We will always keep a nurse on duty, in our office with access to all our patients’ records, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just like calling a family member, there are no answering services, automated voice mails or connection calls to go through. Dial our number, and you will find yourself on a one-on-one call with a live registered nurse, providing faster access to clinical care and eliminating the need for unnecessary hospitalizations.

The Care That Never SleepsSM Promise also assures both you and your physician that our office is always open to take admissions 24/7/365, so anytime you are discharged from a hospital or care facility you can start receiving superior quality health care in your residence immediately.

This one-of-a-kind commitment and dedication to you is what helps us be successful in our mission, and helps Great Lakes Caring remain a premier provider of health care services throughout the Midwest.

The Care That Never SleepsSM Promise

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