Low Vision Care Program

Low Vision Care Program

Revolutionary Treatment for Low-Vision Patients

If you are struggling with vision problems due to degenerative eye disease, life can become increasingly difficult. When every day tasks, like pouring a cup of coffee or separating colored laundry, become too much to handle because of progressively worsening eyesight, you often have no choice but to be admitted to a care facility or hire a live-in nurse. Great Lakes Caring Home Health is now giving you a new choice to continue living independently in your place of residence by offering our Low Vision Care Program.

What is Low Vision Care?

Low Vision Care is a clinician-developed program, backed by more than 12 years of research, which utilizes a significant range of home health disciplines to help you regain control of your life devastated by the effects of low vision. To achieve this goal, Great Lakes Caring Home Health employs the use of simple household modifications, aid devices, safety protocols and care services provided by Registered Nurses, certified occupational therapists, social workers and home health aides.

Paying for Low Vision Care Program

We evaluate you for the appropriateness of the Low Vision Care Program. If prescribed by a doctor, Low Vision Care may be available at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

We invite you to contact us and schedule an in-home evaluation to assess your needs and determine whether the Low Vision Care Program is appropriate for you or a loved one.

Focus Areas

The Low Vision Care Program is designed to help maintain your independent lifestyle in the following areas:


Reduction in the risk of falls, adverse events, unexpected hospitalizations and use of emergent care


Promotion of independent medication management and enhancement of compliance with physician treatment protocols


Improvement in your ability to prepare and adhere to prescribed diets

Personal Care

Increase in functional independence and augmentation of daily living activities with unspecialized household modifications

Low Vision Factors

Each Low Vision Care patient’s plan of care is coordinated regarding three main factors pertaining to low vision: