Honeywell HomMed® TeleHealth

Honeywell HomMed® TeleHealth

In-Home Patient Monitoring

Though there are several different in-home monitoring systems in use today, Great Lakes Caring uses the industry-leading Honeywell HomMed® TeleHealth monitoring system, raising the standard of health care we provide to you.

What Is HomMed® TeleHealth?

A Honeywell HomMed® TeleHealth system is a combination of advanced communication technology and health monitoring equipment that is kept in your residence to collect vital information and clinical data regarding your condition on a daily basis. This data is transmitted via a standard telephone connection or other wireless/digital telecommunication network to our central office, where a specially-trained clinician monitors and reviews the data being updated.

If the data shows unexpected readings, the clinician will contact you with instructions to re-monitor, contact your physician, send a nurse to assist you or contact emergency personnel directly, depending on the severity of the issue.

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Paying for HomMed® TeleHealth

We evaluate you for the appropriateness of Honeywell HomMed® TeleHealth monitoring and monitor you at no additional cost, if it is prescribed by a physician. Other patients who are not eligible for Great Lakes Caring can still request to be monitored by HomMed® TeleHealth for a nominal fee.

We invite you to contact us and schedule an in-home evaluation to assess your needs and determine whether Honeywell HomMed® TeleHealth is appropriate for you.

Subjective patient data via question response technology. All equipment is FDA Class II (hospital-grade), to assure accurate data is provided to your physician.

HomMed TeleHealth

HomMed® TeleHealth

Vitals Monitored: