Great Steps<sup>SM</sup> Program

Great StepsSM Program

Better Balance Fall Prevention

Falls have become the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., with more than 1/3 of adults over the age of 65 experiencing at least one fall every year.* Many factors contribute to an individual’s risk for falling, some of which include arthritis, muscle weakness, medication interactions, vision deficits and neurological disorders. Because 60% of falls occur in the home*, Great Lakes Caring Home Health developed the Great Steps Program to help spur this potentially fatal, yet preventable epidemic.

* Data gathered from the Center for Disease Control Website (2010 reporting year)

What Is the Great StepsSM Program?

The Great StepsSM Program is a comprehensive next-generation care initiative that is designed to not only help prevent you from falling, but also address the underlying issues that may be causing those falls. A plan of care is developed and individualized for you by professional clinicians, partnering with specialized physicians, to outline advanced assessment and treatment techniques which fall into three main categories: Balance, Vestibular (i.e. spatial orientation) and Vision.

These techniques are then augmented by other specialized programs available from Great Lakes Caring, like the Low Vision Care Program, Roll for Control® incontinence program, Anodyne® Therapy infrared light treatment, Solaris® Therapy for pain control, muscle strengthening, increase range of motion, and HomMed® TeleHealth daily vital sign monitoring.

Who Provides Care in the Great StepsSM Program?

Because the Great StepsSM Program addresses many different areas of your health and lifestyle, Great Lakes Caring takes a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to providing health care services detailed in the plan of care. Care is primarily provided by a Great Lakes Caring physical therapist, who delivers training and educational services focused on improving muscle strength, balance, joint mobility and more. This care is augmented by other Great Lakes Caring professionals—occupational therapists, registered nurses, dieticians and/or speech pathologists—to deliver the specific plan of care that was set forth.

Paying for the Great StepsSM Program

We will evaluate you for the appropriateness of the Great StepsSM Program and may treat you under this program at no additional cost to you, if prescribed by a physician.

We invite you to contact us and schedule an in-home evaluation to assess your needs and determine whether the Great StepsSM Program is appropriate for you.

Factors That Increase the Risk for Fall

Great Steps Program

Individuals with the following conditions are at a higher risk of experiencing a fall: