Anodyne® Therapy

Anodyne® Therapy

Infrared Treatment for Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy, or damage to the nervous system outside the brain and spinal cord, causes pain, stiffness, loss of feeling, inflammation and even muscle spasms in the hands and feet. Anodyne® Therapy is one of the infrared light treatments chosen by Great Lakes Caring Home Health to restore independence and alleviate pain when you struggle with poor circulation in your extremities.

What Is Anodyne® Therapy?

Anodyne® Therapy is a non-invasive, non-pharmacologic treatment that uses infrared light to address nerve damage by increasing blood flow within your arms, legs and feet. Treatment is administered to you, wherever you call home, by a Great Lakes Caring Home Health physical therapist, who places small pads directly on your skin wherever nerve malfunction exists.

How Does Anodyne® Therapy Work?

The pads use infrared light to stimulate damaged nerves and increase blood flow to the affected area, most often being the feet. You rest comfortably in a chair for the 30- to 45-minute duration of these treatments.

Stretching, simple balancing exercises, massage and other therapeutic methods are required after the pads are removed to augment an Anodyne® Therapy session.

Paying for Anodyne® Therapy

We evaluate you for the appropriateness of Anodyne® Therapy. If prescribed by a doctor, Anodyne® Therapy may be available at no out-of-pocket cost to them.

We invite you to contact us and schedule an in-home evaluation to assess your needs and determine whether Anodyne® Therapy is right for you.

Real-Life Results

Anodyne Therapy

Thousands of individuals who are hampered by nerve damage and poor circulation are helped by Anodyne® Therapy every day. Learn how our Anodyne® Therapy treatment helped one such individual recapture the independence and quality of life he desired.