Taking Exceptional Care to the Streets

Every year, Great Lakes Caring health care professionals drive nearly eight million miles. As our teams drive to and from patients’ homes and facilities on a daily basis, the miles can take a tough toll on their personal vehicles, making evident the opportunity to improve the quality of work life, ease the stresses on our employees’ cars and allow us to offer the Care That Never SleepsSM Promise.

An Industry First

In 2006, Great Lakes Caring developed an industry-unique company car that had not been seen at any other home health care company before—the NURSECAR℠. Taking a page from the eye-catching autos of NASCAR℠, we purchased a fleet of 50 reliable, fuel-efficient Ford Focuses, painting them in a rich scarlet pearl coat and emblazoning them with Great Lakes Caring logos, the Care That Never SleepsSM Promise logo, the NURSECAR℠ name and other local business graphics.

A Speedy Success

The 50 Great Lakes Caring NURSECARs℠ were provided to the nurses, therapists and other employees who traveled the most miles on a daily basis. As fully insured, maintained and fueled company cars, they were an instant hit—translating into a better work environment for employees and improved quality care for our patients. A buzz quickly stirred throughout the local communities served by the fleet due to the pronounced and unique look of the vehicles.

Caring Before the Door

The unique graphics of a NURSECAR℠ are easily identifiable, providing peace of mind to many new patients of Great Lakes Caring who are often senior citizens, living with a disability or living alone, and are unsettled about letting strangers into their homes. When the NURSECAR℠ pulls up into the driveway, they can instantly recognize that it is a certified Great Lakes Caring team member who is coming to visit.

The Century Mark

Today, the NURSECAR℠ fleet is over 175 strong.

NURSECAR℠ Information

Local Investment
We make sure to do our part in caring for the local economy by utilizing all local businesses to acquire, maintain and sponsor the Great Lakes Caring NURSECAR℠ program.

Program Statistics*

*As of February 22, 2012