Great Lakes Caring

Great Lakes Caring

The Story Behind the Care

Though our name is our mission, Great Lakes Caring is firmly built upon six core values. These values are the driving force behind every decision we make throughout the entire company, from establishing a patient’s plan of care to expanding our service area. Our values are detailed below so you can see how our company name has come to mean so much to so many.


Caring - We approach patient interaction with the highest level of respect, encouragement and understanding.

Caring is not just a physical process. It is who we are and the heart of everything we do. It is our passion—the reason we are in business. It is why we come to work every day. Whether we are answering a patient’s question or performing a medical procedure, we are in the act of caring. Caring for us is active, not passive. And that is why the name Great Lakes Caring is so perfect. It embodies who we are and what we do. In fact, our name is our mission. And you will see our new mission every day in the way we care for our patients, our referring partners and each other.


We explore new ways to expand and improve our level of care and the services we provide.

Visionary describes Great Lakes Caring because we are at the forefront of home health care. We are the premier provider of a continuum of care, and we live on the cutting edge. Here, we are leading the charge to improve the standard of home health and hospice care, and have received numerous industry and business accolades for our accomplishments. We are always looking for ways to serve our patients and referring partners better, to utilize the latest technologies, to retain employees and to expand our reach. Call it forward-thinking at its finest.


We deliver the highest level of care by ensuring that even the smallest details are managed.

Quality is crucial to surviving and thriving in the health care arena. It must be Priority One. And at Great Lakes Caring, it is. Quality is evident in every component of our organization: through the exceptional care and services we provide, in our advanced technologies, and in our talented staff. Moreover, it is validated through our many accreditations, awards, patient and employee surveys, and much more. Call it our great passion—a commitment to exacting standards, processes, measurement and goals for ongoing improvement. At Great Lakes Caring, it is not enough to maintain quality care and services. Our goal is to exceed our patients’ and referring partners’ expectations, in every encounter, every day.


We team with physicians, facilities, hospitals and other health care professionals to deliver superior quality care to our patients.

Collaboration is a hallmark of health care—about working together to find solutions and do what is best for patients. As such, Great Lakes Caring highly values its referring partners’ and our patients’ input. We listen and take a team approach to care. And in the greater community—beyond those we work with on a regular basis—we collaborate with organizations and the public at large to educate them about home health and hospice issues. We serve as an advocate, speaking at workshops or conferences, writing articles and serving on boards and associations in order to further the cause to improve and shape the future of health care—together.


We are committed to discovering new techniques and procedures, and to lead from the front of the health care curve.

Innovation is one of the secrets to our success. Great Lakes Caring believes a relentless pursuit of advanced technologies, best practices and ways to increase efficiencies and processes is the only way we can maintain our status as a leading provider of a continuum of care. We are never satisfied with status quo, but are always looking for “the next best” and investigating the latest trend to stay ahead of the curve—enhancing the lives of our patients, referring partners and employees. Our mantra is simple: Innovation is key. So we test and explore. We do not follow. We boldly lead.


We build strong, supportive relationships with patients and each other.

Family best captures the kind of relationship Great Lakes Caring has with those we work with. It evokes feelings of warmth, trust and loyalty—a group of people sharing a common bond—and that is Great Lakes Caring. To referral sources, we are an extension of their team, a partner they trust with their most valuable assets. To patients, we are the one they depend on 24/7. The one who shares their highs and lows, and walks with them through recovery or life’s final chapters. And to our employees, Great Lakes Caring is a second family. A place where they are cared for and highly esteemed. We are more than a business, more than clinical. Great Lakes Caring is family.

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