Great Lakes Caring

Great Lakes Caring

Our Name Is Our Mission

In 1994, Cheri Lyn Deary saw a great need in the state of Michigan. Having returned to Jackson to care for her grandfather, she recognized a significant lack of quality, comprehensive home health care options available. As a nurse, she knew how to provide expert care for patients and families, while the Fortune 500 business experience of her husband, William, proved invaluable to the founding of Great Lakes Caring.

Her passion for caring about the community, good business practices and raising industry standards, William and Cheri Lyn set out to provide the absolute highest quality health care in homes throughout Jackson—an essential cornerstone of our everlasting mission.

Today, Great Lakes Caring has grown to become one of the largest independent providers of home care services in the Midwest, employing over nine hundred individuals in 14 locations across Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, and featuring a growing fleet of industry-unique, company-branded NURSECARs℠.

Great Lakes Caring cares for people with the firm belief that patients should not have to surrender their daily freedoms to receive comprehensive, technologically advanced health care, providing compassionate, professional medical and hospice care in the comfort, security and privacy of wherever they call home. By fostering a better family-like work atmosphere and collaborating with other industry leaders, we can assure our mission of caring is successful for many years to come.

Governor Snyder congratulates William Deary

SBA District Director Gerald Moore talks with William Deary