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Great Lakes Caring Hospice

Hospice is specialized care to provide support for you and your family during advanced illness. We focus on comfort and quality of life rather than curative care— our passion is to enable you to live each day as fully as possible.  Hospice is not about giving up, it is about getting help.

Hospice gives individuals the opportunity to make their own decisions about how and where they wish to live the remainder of their lives, while continuing to receive an exceptional level of compassionate care from our dedicated family of health care professionals.

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Hospice in the Home

Hospice most often takes place in the home. The Great Lakes Caring Hospice team educates your caregivers— usually family members or friends— on how to provide you hands-on care.

Our compassionate team visits regularly to ensure that you’re comfortable and see that all of your needs and the needs of your caregivers are met.

You can be surrounded by your loved ones and your familiar environment while knowing that we are here to care and answer any questions or concerns around the clock.

Hospice in the Facility

In a facility, the Great Lakes Caring Hospice team coordinates your care with the facility staff and ensures that you’re getting the specialized attention that you need. Working together, both teams ensure that you receive more comprehensive and satisfying care.

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