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Our registered nurses and licensed professional nurses perform a wide range of services in your home. Our nurses can instantly access and update your complete medical history electronically and coordinate your care with your physician.

Physical Therapy

Our dedicated physical therapists are focused on helping you meet your rehabilitation goals. They use a variety of methods, including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, infrared, LSVT BIG® and vestibular rehabilitation therapies.

Occupational Therapy

Great Lakes Caring occupational therapists specialize in helping you improve the skills you need to perform everyday tasks and use a variety of techniques to promote safety in your home. They work on teaching, or re-teaching, gross motor skills (e.g. walking), fine motor skills (e.g. hand-eye coordination) and cognitive skills (e.g. basic decision-making). 

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy addresses more than just speaking. Our speech therapists also assist you in managing problems with swallowing, eating, memory and language. Speech therapists are certified in LSVT LOUD® and VitalStim®.

Home Health Aides

Great Lakes Caring's certified nursing assistants ensure that your personal care and basic needs are met while you have a qualified home health care need. They focus on providing supportive hands-on care, delivered with compassion. 

Behavioral Health Care

Great Lakes Caring psychiatric nurses are specially trained to help you with mental illness or mental distress. Psychiatric nurses, medical social workers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and home health aides make up the behavioral health care team. They collaborate with your doctor and typically focus on medication compliance, behavioral modification and counseling.