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On Your Feet In 3℠

Great Lakes Caring’s On Your Feet in 3 is a therapy-intense program specifically designed for after-care of hip and knee joint replacement surgeries. Its goal is to accelerate recovery. The program was developed by orthopedic surgeons and our physical therapists and is intended to get joint replacement patients back on their feet and ready for outpatient therapy in three weeks or less.


LSVT therapy is for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple Systems Atrophy, or Cerebral Palsy. By receiving LSVT intensive rehabilitation, the patient’s symptoms of declining voice strength, muffled speech, tremors, impaired balance and stiffness can be relieved. This program shows marked improvement in as little as four weeks.

Learn more about the LSVT BIG & LOUD® program and its benefits here.

Care That Never Sleeps℠

Our Care That Never Sleeps℠  promise ensures that we ALWAYS OPEN to assist you at any time.

This means:

  • No waiting— your phone call will not be sent to an answering service
  • Faster service— immediate access to a registered nurse
  • More precision— no chance for error due to information handoffs
  • Around-the-clock access— our compassionate registered nurses have your most updated electronic medical record available to assist you and your physician and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits

Read about how our program provides peace of mind to our patients and their loved ones.

Great Steps℠ Program

Determining the cause of a fall is essential to finding the correct treatment, but too often the source of the problem is misdiagnosed or treated incorrectly. That’s why Great Lakes Caring developed the Great Steps℠ Fall Prevention Program.

The Great Steps℠ plan of care begins with a complete and comprehensive evaluation to determine the root cause of falls. Working in conjunction with your physician, our physical therapists perform a variety of tests and measures to accurately define specific dysfunction before beginning treatment.

Low Vision Care Program

Our Low Vision Care Program is the most revolutionary and innovative program available for treating individuals with macular degeneration. Clinicians developed the Low Vision Care Program in response to the growing need for clinical assessment, specialized therapy and environmental modifications.

Learn how the Low Vision Program can help you or your loved one remain safe in the home environment.

VitalStim® Therapy

VitalStim® Therapy is a specialized form of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), specifically designed to treat dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing. Our speech therapists, certified in VitalStim® Therapy, use a non-invasive, portable device for external electrical therapy to re-educate the throat muscles on swallowing.


Our goal is to match the right technology with each patient's individualized plan of care, whether it's patient risk stratifcation and engagement, interactive voice response (IVR) calls or enhanced telehealth monitoring. Detection of early warning signs of a symptom exacerbation allows our team to intervene, helping keep you at home and out of the hospital.

Learn more about our telemedicine program.

Hospital Readmission Reduction Program

We have the proven solution to reduce 30-day hospital readmissions. Our data-driven and tested 30-day hospital readmission reduction program is proven to ensure positive outcomes, customer satisfaction and reduced hospital readmissions. Directed by a certified health coach, our Hospital Readmission Reduction Department is staffed by full-time, registered nurses and grounded by day-to-day Evidence-Based Practices (EBP).

We encourage patient participation through person-centered care, which produces better outcomes, higher patient satisfaction and greater customer value.